How to Check PAN Card Status through UTI

In the event that you have applied for your new PAN Card through the UTI, PAN center, and you are keen on knowing your PAN application status, you are required o have the following details ready at hand . By entering them in a prescribed form, you can easily check the date and status of your PAN Card application.

You are required to keep ready your application type, application number, coupon number, and the correct name of the applicant. To elaborate further,

  • First select the PAN Application type, new PAN Card applied through form 49A or grievance application in the case of complaints, or change in PAN Data application. Secondly, fill in the application number.
  • Then enter in the coupon number.

In order to know the correct status,

  • You have to fill in either the coupon number or the application number, or both.
  • Leave blank the applicant’s name where it has to be filled in.
  • In case you have selected ‘grievance application in Step one, then one more column needs to be filled in with requisite details.
  • You will be required to submit your old PAN number, in case a column specifically asks you for that.

Click on submit, and then your PAN Application status will be displayed on line. This is all that you need to do in order to check your PAN Card status through UTI.