PAN Card Status by Name and Date of Birth

It is very easy to get to know the status of your PAN card by filling in your name and date of birth. You are required to have these details ready –

  • The first name, middle name, and surname.
  • The correct date of birth needs to be filled in.
  • Father’s first, middle and surname too should be kept ready.
  • The most important aspect is to get it all right with correct spellings.

To get the PAN card status checked, we need to have to match the data provided in the PAN Data base.

At times, checking the PAN Card status using name and date of birth can be a daunting task. For instance, the name shown on PAN Card and he name given in PAN Database may not be matching. The reason can be, because, in the PAN Application, we have the option of providing abbreviations for names to be printed on the PAN Card.

In the case of comPANies, firms, HUF, etc, the PAN number status to be checked requires full name to be filled in, surname column to be filled and in the column showing date of birth, date of incorporation of the comPANy has to be provided. Thus, you need to be absolutely sure of your first, middle and surnames with correct spellings if this option of checking PAN Card status is to be used.

Keep in mind these aspects when you use this option-

  • Remember to fill in the correct name used in the PAN application
  • A common yet general mistake seen in PAN Applications is that surnames are given as first names and vice versa.
  • The surname column is absolutely mandatory. Even if your name happens to be just one word, that name has to be filled in at the surname column.
  • Fill in the date of birth in dd-mm-yyyy format use – as separator and never use back slash(//), dot(.) or _(underscore).